Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jessica is so mean. Tamara went away for a few days and left me alone with Jessica. I'm surprised Jessica can feed and water herself, because she kicked over my water dish while Tamara was gone and forgot to fill it again. So I had no water except for what I drinked out of the sink while Tamara (who finally camed back) was being weird and putting her head under water last night. I then started licking the water from her hair when she finally pulled her hair out of the water. That's when she figured out that all my meowing during the light time was because I was thirsty. So she very nicely when and filled up my water dish and let me drink for 10 minutes. I finally stopped being what they called annoying. All I was doing was trying to get something to drink. I know Jessica didn't mean to be so mean, but still...and besides she get in trouble when Tamara got all loud at her and she apologized. I guess she's forgiven...for now anyway, because she is the one that buys my toys. 

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I like climbing, the other day i got to the top of the book shelf. It was really high up and i didn't really know how to get down. Every time i would go to the edge i would get ready to jump but then stop, cause it was really high. Jessica then came to help me i was going to jump on her and as i was getting ready she said "i don't think so Winslow" i wasn't going to put my claws out really. So she cleaned off the lower shelves next to it so i jumped to there then down. Now that the other shelf is cleaned off i really like it up there i have been going there to sleep now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today, both Jessica and Tamara left me alone for hours. While they were gone, some loud noises started...I think they call them lawnmowers, but whatever they is called, they is scary. They is so scary that I went a hid. I hid so well that even when Jessica and Tamara came back, I still hid and they couldn't find me. I heard them shaking my food and calling my name and I could hear that they were getting worried, but I still hid in my spot. It was a very good hiding spot, except that Jessica founded me and she dragged me out, even though I did not want to go, cus there was still the loud noises. She gave me to Tamara and when she put me down, I ran right back to my hiding place, cus there was STILL the scary noises outside.

As soon as the loud noises stopped I camed out and that was my plan all along. They keeps telling me I had them all worried cus they couldn't find me, but they should have known that I am a very good hider, but that's another story for another time.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Doors

I do not like to be alone. so i follow my humans when ever i can. There is only one door I'm not allowed to follow and that is where they go when they is leaving me a long time.So I'm a good boy and don't even try to go through it now, but they let me through all the others so it is ok. Sometimes though they try not to let me in the other doors to so i use to run really fast when i saw where they was going but then one time i got hit in the head with a door REALLY HARD. I is more careful now and smarter cause now i go in the doors before they can cause I'm faster but if they is already behind the door i run then i walk on till i see they is waiting for me, then i run in.

Although the other day i was following Jessica and she waited at the door and said Winslow are you coming so i went then she closed the door and HIT ME RIGHT ON MY BUM WITH THE DOOR. the nerve of some peoples.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Most Fridays, Jessica goes away. Well she goes away most days, but Fridays she doesn't come back. She goes away all weekend and leaves me alone with Tamara. I think she has another cat somewhere because when she does come back, she always smells like cat and if I'm not with her it can't be my smell.

But I guess it's okay, because she always comes back and since Tamara won't let me sleep in her room during the week I'm glad she comes back so I have someone to sleep on top of. Even if she is a traitor during the weekends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Fetch is my favorite game ever. I bring a mouse to my humans then they throw it, and I run run run as fast as I can to get it then bring it back. Then they throw it again and i go get it then bring it back, and i do it lots of times. Then there is times when they only pretend to throw it then laugh at me cause I still go run to gets it, but i show them when they do that i just grab another one and bring that back. Cause I is so smart.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I got my nails did

Last night they ganged up on me and made me get my nails cut. Jessica always holds me, while Tamara uses the cutting thingies to cut my nails. Last night I was standing on the couch, while Tamara was cutting her nails, then when I wasn't paying attention to them, she grabbed me and handed me to Jessica. Jessica put me on my back and then held my paws while my nails were cut--most of them anyway. I bite my nails sometimes, so there were a few that were already short enough.

I don't really mind getting my nails cut...usually...sometimes, I just want to go play with my toys or something, but this time I sat pretty while I got my nails did! I should get a new toy for that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my toys

These are some of my toys.
I has lots of mice, over 30 of them. I also has a turtle and a lizard, that I likes to lick. and balls i has only a few of those. Jessica is the one who buys them all for me every time i get new bags of food i get more, sometimes just a few and sometimes lots. Tamara is always saying i don't need any more and tells her to stop but i don't thinks she should. I loves my mice.

Monday, July 13, 2009

About Me

My name is Prince Winslow the Dipstick, and I think I'm almost one years old. I live with Jessica (she's the one who pays for all my toys and foods and the not so nice vet visits) and Tamara (she's the one who usually stays home with me all day)....they are my humans! I tell them when they have to play with me...which is a lot of the time. I like to play...especially with my mice, but I have other toys too.

I'll write more later, but Jessica wants her computer back and she's bigger so she ~usually~ wins.