Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today, both Jessica and Tamara left me alone for hours. While they were gone, some loud noises started...I think they call them lawnmowers, but whatever they is called, they is scary. They is so scary that I went a hid. I hid so well that even when Jessica and Tamara came back, I still hid and they couldn't find me. I heard them shaking my food and calling my name and I could hear that they were getting worried, but I still hid in my spot. It was a very good hiding spot, except that Jessica founded me and she dragged me out, even though I did not want to go, cus there was still the loud noises. She gave me to Tamara and when she put me down, I ran right back to my hiding place, cus there was STILL the scary noises outside.

As soon as the loud noises stopped I camed out and that was my plan all along. They keeps telling me I had them all worried cus they couldn't find me, but they should have known that I am a very good hider, but that's another story for another time.

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  1. oh you are so lucky to be able to hides so good.

    I am too big.