Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jessica is so mean. Tamara went away for a few days and left me alone with Jessica. I'm surprised Jessica can feed and water herself, because she kicked over my water dish while Tamara was gone and forgot to fill it again. So I had no water except for what I drinked out of the sink while Tamara (who finally camed back) was being weird and putting her head under water last night. I then started licking the water from her hair when she finally pulled her hair out of the water. That's when she figured out that all my meowing during the light time was because I was thirsty. So she very nicely when and filled up my water dish and let me drink for 10 minutes. I finally stopped being what they called annoying. All I was doing was trying to get something to drink. I know Jessica didn't mean to be so mean, but still...and besides she get in trouble when Tamara got all loud at her and she apologized. I guess she's forgiven...for now anyway, because she is the one that buys my toys. 


  1. Doesn't you has a water dish in the bathroom?

    I does. I doesn't like the bathroom but if my water dish gets empty I go drink in there. She doesn't likes it when I does that so it always works to make Her fill my dish.

  2. nope...the big "water dish" in the bathroom stays closed...otherwise toys end up in there...humans don't like fishing cat toys out of it and someone *cough*winslow*cough* likes to drop toys in there