Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Doors

I do not like to be alone. so i follow my humans when ever i can. There is only one door I'm not allowed to follow and that is where they go when they is leaving me a long time.So I'm a good boy and don't even try to go through it now, but they let me through all the others so it is ok. Sometimes though they try not to let me in the other doors to so i use to run really fast when i saw where they was going but then one time i got hit in the head with a door REALLY HARD. I is more careful now and smarter cause now i go in the doors before they can cause I'm faster but if they is already behind the door i run then i walk on till i see they is waiting for me, then i run in.

Although the other day i was following Jessica and she waited at the door and said Winslow are you coming so i went then she closed the door and HIT ME RIGHT ON MY BUM WITH THE DOOR. the nerve of some peoples.


  1. She should be more careful!

    We don't has so many doors at mine house and they usually isn't closed so I just go where I want.

    She gets mad when I pushed the door open to go see why she is taking so wrong in the bathrooms sometimes though.

  2. oops...I meant why She is taking so LONG.

    Why can't I delete it and fixes it? I like to be able to just fix it.