Sunday, July 26, 2009


I like climbing, the other day i got to the top of the book shelf. It was really high up and i didn't really know how to get down. Every time i would go to the edge i would get ready to jump but then stop, cause it was really high. Jessica then came to help me i was going to jump on her and as i was getting ready she said "i don't think so Winslow" i wasn't going to put my claws out really. So she cleaned off the lower shelves next to it so i jumped to there then down. Now that the other shelf is cleaned off i really like it up there i have been going there to sleep now.


  1. I bets if I camed to visit you, you would just stay up there and not come to play with me.

  2. Winslow, I love to climb up real high, too! But first you have to learn to get back down. Or maybe that's the second part.